Made by Michelle Brusegaard

Made by Michelle Brusegaard



textile arteest


Minneapolis, MN

about Made by Michelle Brusegaard

“Each design starts with a hand-inked illustration. My process is very painterly in the sense that I have no formal graphic design training. I know nothing of vectors or illustrator…I draw, I scan, I print, and lose very little of the slightly uneven, natural line work in the process.”

Despite some old stereotypes about art degrees, you can do a lot more with a BFA than work in art supply stores. Well okay, at least for Michelle it might’ve taken just a little while working the canvas aisles after her degree in oil painting, dreaming of starting her own line of art. She spent her off-hours learning to screenprint and draw, steadily plotting that seemingly unattainable life as a self-employed “arteest.” Her love of pattern showed up in all of her paintings, and soon enough the transition to textiles seemed obvious. Fast forward a few years to 2008, and her dreams of self employment as a creative designer came true. show more