Global textile obsessive
Grant Park, ATL

“I would describe my creations as sustainable textiles made with natural fibers and vegetable dyes. Maelu infinity scarves are hand block printed and every item is unique!”

Meghna decided to leave her cubicle and corporate bliss (not) to find the real world. While she was in India she fell in love with the unique prints and traditional methods of dyeing found all over the massive, loud, inventive country. In Rajasthan in particular, the block-printed fabrics spurred an obsession of sorts. Each piece of fabric is unique because it is hand-stamped one by one, using a number of different wooden blocks and colors. She learned how to use natural vegetable dyes using a traditional method—and created relationships with those people actually creating the fabrics, cutting out any middlemen between her Grant Park abode and the sub-continent. Many gorgeous things came next—like our favorite, a whole line of gorgeous infinity scarfs that she makes at home using her findings. And when we went to India all we came home with was an empty bank account…