DIY virtuosos
San Francisco

“Making something amazing out of plain stuff that’s just laying around—it’s like magic. We were born to be makers, and creating new projects is both an adventure and a challenge.”

If you’ve ever tried to make a terrarium or, say, some curtains and ended up with a pile of raw materials and an empty bottle of wine at the end of the night, you’ll appreciate this: A talented, stylish duo that tests a project out a couple hundred times, puts together a kit with just the right ingredients and then is on stand-by when you still have questions. Mike and Jawn met as designers working in the same San Francisco boutique, where they started doing DIY workshops on the weekend that just blew up. Now, they’re bone fide experts, having taught over 3,000 DIY classes. Yeah, when Google and West Elm asking you to teach them how to make stuff, you know you’re on the right track.