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Manready Mercantile



Man merchant


Houston, Texas

about Manready Mercantile

“We work hard and deserve quality goods that help take the edge off after a long day. I wanted to be my own boss and design products that I would personally use and solve this problem.”

Travis was just trying to prove a simple point when he started his own business: that the American Dream is alive and well, as long you are creative and you work really hard. Inspired by the look of a certain liquor company, he started melting candles onto whiskey glasses to make an artful, unique present for guys—because you’re not the only one who can’t find anything (anything!) to give their guy for a gift. The line expanded to grooming goods that use all-natural ingredients—hardsomely packaged in old school bottles and great for the every day man’s man. See, ‘Merica? The dream is on. show more