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Experimental Jeweler


Eugene, OR

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"I spend a lot of time daydreaming, researching and sketching. I follow my sketches pretty closely, so that the finished product will look exactly how I had envisioned it. And while I love to sketch, I'm most happy when I'm making."

Marisa might've enrolled in university with the intention becoming an illustrator, but she left with a degree in Crafts and Material Studies instead. (Not the popsicle stick and feather kind.) She had fallen head over heels for jewelry-making and, well, the spark for illustrating? It just wasn't there. Today her fascination is as intense as ever, and she spends hours every day daydreaming and experimenting with different materials. She finds inspiration in natural colors, textures and patterns before soldering, sawing and filing it all to perfection. (That last part's her favorite.) show more

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