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Greenville, SC

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“I love making things with my hands so I always knew I’d be creating/making things for a living. Each piece I sell is like a miniature handcrafted sculpture that captures the rustic, old-soul of America.”

As a kid, Ian often found himself looking at things and thinking "I can make that." He didn't know it then, but this keen way of thinking would eventually fuel his creative endeavors. In fact, he's probably using it right now to craft nautical jewelry with just enough rustic Americana built in. Each piece is made from wood beams that Ian hand cuts, drills, stains and coats before affixing to cast charms and hand-treated leather. But his do-it-yourself ethic goes beyond that — Ian custom rigs every tool and machine in his shop, ensuring that each nautical creation really is one-of-a-kind. show more

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