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The Marina, San Francisco

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"Marlos are a unique cookie, so we pegged them with a unique (er, weird) name: Marlo. It looks like a regular ol' biscotti, but once you take a bite, you'll notice they're soft-baked."

Marlo's here to get one thing straight. Those twice-baked cookies of hers? You know, the ones that use her Grandmom's secret recipe? They aren't your average biscotti. Sure, they're excellent dunked in coffee, but it's not required to make them edible––these cookies are softer and richer than the traditional stuff. Also, they're incredibly addictive. Marlo, a pastry school graduate, has always loved tinkering around in the kitchen (especially that whole eating-the-research part), and when she had the chance to bring her grandmother's not-biscotti to the masses, she jumped at it, much to our delight. show more

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