Marshall's Haute Sauce

Marshall's Haute Sauce



Pepper Wrangler


Woodstock, Portland

about Marshall's Haute Sauce

“Our sauces are unique in that we use as many local products as we can. Many sauces are mass-produced using processed ingredients and additives, while ours are truly based on preserving local food.”

Cooking up meals with farm fresh ingredients is the only way Sarah's ever known –– as a child, her mother was always passionate about using straight-from-the-garden ingredients. And today, Sarah and her husband Dirk use this food foundation to create seriously spicy sauces. They leave out preservatives and red number 40, instead, filling 'em with natural ingredients that boast a flavorful heat. One that might call for a tall glass of water. Each bottle is cooked and hand-stamped by Sarah herself, but she doesn’t think of it as work –– it's more of a hot sauce revolution. show more

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