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Ferndale, MI

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"We cold-press our vinegars, which means they're not heated during production. And we use whole fruits, vegetables and herbs to infuse the flavors. The end result is a more flavorful, complex and far superior vinegar."

Jess is a baker turned drinking vinegar maker. During culinary school, she ran a small bakery out of her home, but got fed up with perpetuating the unhealthy trifecta of butter, sugar and flour. Instead, she opted to work with local Michigan farms for fresh ingredients like apples, beets and carrots. Flavors that could be showcased in a "shrub" or drinking vinegar. And that they are. Customer-concocted recipes have ranged from the tame (whiskey) to the extreme (pickle juice, vodka and A1); because these are cocktail mixers that bring out the amateur mixologist inside us all. show more

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