Metamorphosis Metals

Metamorphosis Metals



Metal Transformer


Raleigh, NC

about Metamorphosis Metals

“I love the slight imperfections of handmade work and celebrate them; a tiny piece of the maker imprinted on each piece. I don’t want my pieces to be too clean or fussy, I try to keep them easy and natural feeling.”

If you were walking down the street behind Sonya, you might take her for a bit, um, crazy. See, she is inspired by all things rusty, old and natural—and she constantly finds herself picking up interesting bits and pieces off the ground, as well as zooming in on textures, colors and patterns to capture them photographically. She came to her unique, weathered style of metalwork quite accidentally—after two miserable semesters of ceramics a professor nudged her that way. It was love at first hammer. Now her oxidized, textured metalwork has a feel that is completely her own. show more