miss millie

miss millie



Porcelain Molder


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

about miss millie

“Porcelain is a challenging material to work with and is more temperamental than traditional clay – but somehow, through the dust and chaos that happens in my studio, beautiful creations emerge.”

Glass, metal, paper. They're all fair game for Millie — but, despite this sculptor's curiosity for all sorts of media, she finds herself drawn back to ceramics time after time. Sure, porcelain can be a bit temperamental, but that's what makes things interesting, now isn't it? Millie's love for the white, dusty clay is only matched by her desire to create art that's as useful as it is beautiful. And that's why she finds herself crafting things like delicate ring holders, full of animals, of course. Because every good jewelry dish needs a good watchman — and if they're bears? Even better. show more