MIXT Studio

MIXT Studio



Free-spirited Fabricator


Hermosa Beach, CA

about MIXT Studio

"I love creating products that are stylish, functional and meaningful. I've always been a big fan of storytelling and using design to create memorable, inspired moments for people."

Marcie was looking to make a change in life—one that involved putting both her passion for the environment and her longtime experience as a designer to use. And so she set forth to create her own line of free-spirited patterned paper and gift goods, with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly materials and processes. Her wares feature a wild mix of texture and color, printed on recycled and reusable paper and textiles, the patterns true to her eco-eclectic brand charge. Everything she produces reflects her creative approach to her ideals, in a clever, design-forward and downright playful way. show more