mo&co. bags

Bag Maker
Lake Oswego, OR

“Our bags have been described as "not too girly". A little bit rustic, like what you might find at a lake cabin closet or what your great aunt might have carried in the 40s.”

Her husband's shoemaking career made it possible for Mia to travel around with him, and travel she did. After several years of adventuring, Mia decided to start a project of her own — namely, designing purses and handbags. Her pieces are casual and rustic, a combination of ideas from her team and her partners in India. Each and every bag is assembled by hand, then hand-painted with lovely design sand then the leather is hand-finshed.. And to top it all off, a percentage of the profits are donated to a charity that aims to stop domestic violence. Yep, these are our new favorite bags.