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“It can get challenging from time to time making each card individually, but it’s also what I love the most. It makes each card stand out since no card is like the other. I even had a customer who bought a couple of my cards with every intention to frame them!”

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a hand-written, snail-mailed something special from someone who is thinking especially of you. Even sweeter: when that handwritten note is also delivered upon a hand-crafted card. (Now the only thing more thoughtful would have to be that card hand-delivered.... on horseback.) Allison got into the modern calligraphy game for all the right reasons: she’s an accountant who craved a creative outlet, but most of all she really, REALLY believes in the power of a thoughtful, handmade card. She still goes through the labor of love of creating and heat-embossing each card by hand (you know, to achieve that extra “texture”) and her modern yet simplistic sentimentality is something we would cherish on any occasion. And most do. Turns out, a lot of these cards end up hanging in frames in the houses of their recipients. Now that is the next-level sweetness we’re talkin’ about. show more

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