Katie Carder Fine Jewelry

Katie Carder Fine Jewelry



Wearable Art Aficionado


Indianapolis, Indiana

about Katie Carder Fine Jewelry

“I'm inspired by the natural world, and I love to hike and be outdoors. I collect plant and flower specimens to study and paste in my sketchbook.”

A passion for jewelry design crept up on this maker in high school and followed her down the path of higher education at Indiana University. After receiving her BFA in Art History and Metalsmithing, Katie decided to turn this passion into a career and offer up what she describes as “individual works of wearable art” to the masses. All of her portable pieces are hand-crafted and cast-free, meaning no jewelry molds to speak of. They exude a delicate, feminine vibe to compliment rather than underscore the wearer's natural beauty. And the best part? A portion of the yearly proceeds from Katie's line is donated to a local animal shelter. show more