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Charlotte, NC

about Moko and Company

“I spend my free time doodling and sketching, making marks in my notebook. Sometimes I’ll scan my doodles and manipulate them on the computer, other times I’ll cut them out of paper and put them right on the screen.”

When she wasn't bogged down with pesky calculus homework, high-school-aged Megan was fueling her crafty side as a jewelry designer. In her twenties, the crafty maker only expanded on those tendencies, learning to create designs through pattern-making, screenprinting and sewing. Now, Megan uses all these skills to create vivid, cheery bags and clutches. Her designs typically get their start with the stroke of a pen and, after a little refinement, get printed onto fabrics and tote bags. These handmade accessories that come straight from her heart, ready to win yours. show more