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Lancaster, PA

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“Our products are unique because we do everything ourselves and put equal energy into everything we do.”

For most people, spending the day at work doodling pictures of farm animals would soon result in a pink slip. Not so for Laura Korzon, manager of Moxie House Paper Goods. With her impressive artistic talent and deep connection to historic downtown Lancaster and its culture, Laura’s doodles and drawings result in authentic life mementos that people want to hold and own and share. Deb’s the Creative Director of the larger Moxie House enterprise, an energetic enabler and visionary who helps makes it all happen behind the scenes. (She’s the lady who’s living the motto, “Design for good.”) Valuing tradition and originality, their work shows an appreciation of old and new, simple and fancy, design and illustration. The resulting line of paper goods is created with a whole lot of love with hand-mixed inks on heavyweight cotton paper using a vintage Heidelberg letterpress. show more

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