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Oceanside, California

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“I use only the best ingredients and refuse to cut corners. The quality is immediately noticeable and I frequently have return customers that tell me how they have never burned candles like these.”

Mr. B sounds like he might be an old, wise candlestick-maker in his thatched-roof home, but truth be told, he’s just a little baby named Abe, who went by Buster before they named him, who eventually earned the little sir nickname of Mr. B. As for the man behind the actual candlemaking? That would be Mr. B’s pops, Shem. It was a year and a half ago when after going through so many baby food jars, he decided to start repurposing them. Realizing that most candle companies use way too many synthetic and toxic ingredients, Shem was determined to make the cleanest, healthiest candles on this planet Earth. Their wax is extracted from soybeans that are grown in the U.S. and free from pesticides and chemicals. The fragrances are made by using only pure essential oils purchased from wholesale vendors who follow fair-trade policies. And Shem can personally guarantee they’re made by hand because, well, he handpours each one of them himself. That is, of course, until Little Mr. B/Buster/Abe is big enough to take over his namesake business. Watch out, world. show more

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