Myan Soffia Photography

Myan Soffia Photography



Urban photographer


Los Angeles

about Myan Soffia Photography

“My creations are colorful and romantic. And I hope that they show a unique perspective of a place and they remind the viewer of a city or feeling that they have fond memories of.”

An east coaster, Myan moved to L.A. to work in the TV business, but found herself wanting to document the city as she saw it: magical, vibrant and full of life. She began to follow a dream with photography, documenting places and editing them to match the mood or feeling of being there. Her favorite part of the process is the “post-production,” adding saturated colors that give her photos a moody, vintage feel. It was only later that Myan found out that her great, great grandfather was also a photographer, which gave her pursuit a dash of cosmic fate. show more