National Picnic Clothing

National Picnic Clothing



Sustainable Seamstress


Collingswood, NJ

about National Picnic Clothing

“My customer is looking for something to toss on that is effortless and allows her to do all of her day-to-day errands and activities with style but no fuss. The brand has been described as ‘accidentally sexy.’ Yes, one can look cute walking a dog or running errands... In National Picnic dress, of course.”

Most of us only remember making peanut butter cookies in Home Ec class. But since Betsy’s 8th grade introduction into domestic arts, she’s sustained an artform in sewing. Once she really “treated” herself to good equipment of her own and started doing her own personal pieces, it led to friends wanting pieces. Which then led to producing micro batches to sell locally. And then launching her own clothing line in 2011. “It started like this,” Betsy recounts, “I made some, I showed some, I’d sell some… I’d make some more, show some more, sell some more… and so on.” It’s a small-batch production of the finest definition, but it’s working, growing and progressing. And meanwhile, the greatest success is when friends and fans report back to her with “Natty Pic” sightings scattered across the country. No doubt, as the fans grow, such a sighting is happening more and more. show more