Sunny Screenprinter
Ventura, CA

“Inspiration for design usually hits me right before I fall asleep, when I’m halfway into the dream world. The next day I'll start tinkering in my studio, trying to make the ideas come to life.”

Long before she'd ever considered moving to sunny Ventura, Nici was happily screenprinting away in her hometown of Zürich. And while a whirlwind of a romance resulted in a geographical change, her passion for printing stayed constant. The hobby quickly turned into a full-time job for Nici — and we mean full. time. She even works away on ideas in her sleep, with her best ideas hitting just before she drifts off. Photographs, doodles and drawings? They're all fair game for future designs, each of which looks more awesome than the last. Frankly, we don't know how she does it.