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Beechiew, Pittsburgh

about Nine & Twenty

"I love to find creative ways to take the mechanical fittings that are often hidden in walls and floors, and bring them out to be the center of attention."

Call it an obsession… or maybe more. Given that Nine & Twenty is basically a homage to the atomic number for copper (29), it’s safe to say Nate has “a thing” for a particular brand of precious metal. When Nate was repairing some average copper pipes, he wondered about ways to reinvent it. And with that DIY spirit, he was driven to do all plumbing repairs himself, Nate envisioned designing them into something beautiful. By bringing the copper from behind-the-scenes and making them the centerpiece in his kitchen fixtures, bathroom fixtures, or really “everywhere” fixtures, Nate’s visions for Nine & Twenty materialized into the creation of copper pieces that is both practical and unique. show more

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