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South Point, OH

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“I work with new brass but I'm using original dies from the late 1800s. In order to stay true to the time period, I give each item the wear it would have if it was originally made in the 1800s.”

It's no secret that Meghan has a gift. In fact, she's known all around town for her uncanny ability to transform flea market finds into wearable wonders. (Particularly, cufflinks.) If there were such a thing as a secondhand good whisperer, it would be her. With just one quick glance at her scores of vintage finds, Meghan knows exactly how to bring them back to life. She uses antique dies from the late 1800s which, when combined with her curiosity for foreign architecture, yield dapper cufflinks that blend vintage class with modern sensibility and a penny-farthing bicycle or two. show more