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Nohmad Snack Co.



Raw Chocolatiers


Torrance, California

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"Vanessa and I shared a passion for healthy living, yet still loved dark chocolate as a functional indulgence, so we set out to make the chocolate bar we'd been searching for."

Any true chocolate-phile knows, not even the most dedicated proponents of a healthy lifestyle can give up the dark, rich treat. Not entirely, anyway. And now they don't have to. For Louie and Vanessa are making chocolate bars that are more, well, functional. They use only the finest unroasted organic cacao from Ecuador, which is believed to contain more of chocolate's beneficial compounds than roasted counterparts. Not to mention, once sweetened with organic maple sugar, they taste mighty fine too. As one exuberant fan explained, "Healthy or not, this should be illegal." We'll collect that contraband right here. show more