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Fairfield, CT

“We discovered the original rollers at an antiques shop and wanted to re-create a forgotten decorating technique.”

You know that when empress of crafting, Martha Stewart, picks up your decorating idea, you’ve got to be doing something right. After discovering some original decorative paint rollers—which allow you to create the look of a patterned wall paper with a bucket of paint and a special roller—in an antiques shop in Kennebunkport, Maine, Dan & Michelle decided to revive a forgotten decorating technique. After lots of tinkering and narrowing, they got to see their modern, pretty patterns come to life in all kinds of places and spaces. Make no mistake, these rollers are not just for walls: slap a pattern on an old headboard, roller the top of a thrift store table or transform a floor. Wasn’t long before Fox News and Martha Stewart started singing their praises.

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