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"Our illustrations incorporate and interact with the text in a way that seeks to engage the mind as much as the eye."

Nichole and Evan are two talented, creative New Yorkers who tried out the whole “wear-a-tie-to-work” thing. Then they bolted the other way, taking on more freeing pursuits, like, say, a coffee table photography book called “Paris in Color.” The Illustrated Quotation project began when Evan rediscovered some underlined passages in an old paperback. It struck him that underlining text in a book was the original “hyperlink”—a place to be redirected to new thoughts, to leave the rest of the text behind. It was in that spirit that he decided to create a line of illustrations that began with literary snippets as a springboard. The idea is to let the words and the visual symbols interact, giving complex and provocative ideas a simple, elegant visualization. show more

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