Old Salt Merchants

Old Salt Merchants



Maritime traders


Port Townsend, WA

about Old Salt Merchants

“We make the types of products you would have found in an old shoppe in some harbor town 100 years ago. Whether it’s our teas, salts or sugars, each features our own special flavor blends.”

This family-run nautical provisions company is, fittingly, located in the Victorian Seaport in Washington (where we imagine they wear boat shoes and talk loudly over the fog horns). Irene is a shopkeeper, crafter and gardener who grew up deep-sea fishing, and John is a lifelong sailor, woodworker and explorer. So it's no surprise the duo ended up at the helm of a company with an old world ethos. If they would’ve been in business 120 years earlier, they admit that they would’ve been rum runners. Luckily, they are producing incredible salts, sugars and teas with their own very special, nautically inspired ingredients, like—wait for it—Rum & Cola Tea and Sea Smoke Salt. Now we understand why someone got a tattoo of their logo. show more