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Olive Yew



Petite jeweler


Charlotte, NC

about Olive Yew

“Our products are made to order one at a time by hand. We’re all involved in the process, which means a lot of love and care goes into each piece. We want our little creations to be adorable and high quality at an affordable price.”

Angela’s grandma always said that simple jewelry worked best on the ladies in her family, since they were ‘lil folks. It took her awhile to finally heed the advice, though, and create Olive Yew (get it? I love you?). She worked in web design, children’s book publishing and consulting before tiring of the cubicle and trying out a metalsmithing class on a whim. Love struck, and the line of dainty, simple, high-quality jewelry was brought to life. For Angela, part of the fun is learning how to run a business—not just the soldering, hammering and polishing of fine metals. Clearly, she’s good at both, since she’s now got a team of seven on board. show more

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