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One at a Time Press

Passionate presser
Sierra Madre, CA

“My ideas are not totally pre-formed. I love to put something on paper and create around it. I might begin in one direction and take off in another. It’s so much fun… I get totally immersed and forget to eat!”

Patricia had been lucky enough to take art classes while raising her kids, but it wasn’t until a little later in life that she found her true passion while taking a letterpress class at a non-profit art center in Pasadena. Actually, scratch that. Her true, true love might well be the 1950s Chandler & Price Pilot Press that she now hand-operates, printing the colors one at a time (now you get the name?). She says printing letterpress is not unlike developing film or firing ceramics: When you the first look at the final product, there’s this huge emotional payoff. It is just impossible not to get stoked, she says.

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