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Los Angeles, California

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“The tassels vary in length and color and possess an element of symmetry without being too precise. They are still very organic, which makes them works of art.”

Once upon a time two friends hosted a party called “Thanksmas,” and it was a huge hit. Their handmade decorations became more and more elaborate with each subsequent shindig, until one day they decided to turn their passion for spiffing up parties into a bona fide business. Since then, Jess and Lauren have been creating colorful crafts for others to use at birthdays, barbecues and holidays across the board. Their signature has become the asymmetrical hanging tassels that add a cool dose of color to a party, which still looking quite mod and artful. Each one’s cut and folded with a lot of love--most likely over a glass of wine and an episode of The Walking Dead. show more

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