Creative Wanderer
Roswell, GA

“Being a digital artist, the possibilities of what I can create are endless. I do feel that my designs are unique in that I always have a nice mixture of vintage and modern elements. And my designs are always bright and fun.”

It’s not weird to be totally obsessed, completely infatuated with maps, is it? And not because of their utilitarian purposes, but just because they are... well, nice and pretty to look at. Amy’s lifelong fascination has led her to explore all things map-related: their colors, their textures, their styles--especially the old ones. It’s been her release from a desk job designing--whether admiring a map, or discovering a new territory, it’s a feast for the creative mind. “Whenever I’m in a design rut,” Amy tells us, “heading out into the world always seems to jump start my creative flow.” Which leads us to wonder: Christopher Colombus, Ponce De Leon, Rand McNally...perhaps they were creative types?

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