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Pier Coffee

Cold Brewer
South Seattle

"The people I met in the specialty coffee industry genuinely believe that coffee can change the world –– that a single consumer choice can impact lives all over the globe. I love this aspect of the industry."

Erin used to own a coffee shop. Now she owns a coffee company. You might guess, from just these two little bits of information, that Erin likes coffee. A whole lot. In fact, she loves every aspect of the industry –– cold brewing, or the slow, temperature-controlled brewing of the beans, included. Her process is precise, intentional, and ever-so-slightly nerdy (after all, they adjust things process based on seasons and humidity). But the product is well worth the wait –– Erin's even convinced a diehard caramel-vanilla-latte drinker to sip on an iced Pier Coffee, black. And they liked it.

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