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Seattle, WA

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“I believe surrounding yourself with lovingly made items and artwork is a happy investment. It feels good to make things for people, and I hope people feel good supporting an artist.”

Jess makes bags just like we want ‘em, with a simple utilitarian design and—when you look a little closer—unique artful details, like hand-painted lining and braided leather straps. After leaving art school, she knew that the traditional put-some-paint-on-a-canvas pursuits just wouldn’t do. She wanted to create beautiful objects that had a purpose in their lives. Enter: an antique industrial sewing machine. Once she had it in her hot little hands, Jess dove head first into creating leather bags and hand-painted textiles, not looking back for a minute. The smart sizing, lightweight nature and thoughtful little details delight her customers—giving them a timeless, well-crafted work of art that they can carry around every single day. show more

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