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Plywood People

upcycler + difference-maker
Atlanta, Georgia

"Every bag is a story. Every billfold is like change in your back pocket. The products are bringing dignity to refugee women that have been displaced by war, conflict and injustice."

Did you know that in the past two years over 7,000 refugees fled to Clarkston, Georgia? Jeff and the Plywood People did, and they found a way to help restore dignity and hope to these lives displaced by conflict. They gainfully, and fairly, employ eight women who had been emotionally and physically abused in their Burma factory jobs. Now they clean, cut and upcycle old billboards and coffee sacks to make bags and pillows. They are essentially taking our waste and making something brand-spankin' new. As Jeff explains, "I think that people want to help other people." And they certainly are accomplishing that, sustainably, no less—their employees learn sewing, English, job training skills and basic personal financial training. All from an Atlantan company that makes bags and pillows, while keeping the environment, and people in need, in mind.
Check out this great video to see the awesome work they do.

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