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Alberta Arts District, Portland

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"I've never been told what the 'rules' are, so I just create what I feel looks and functions best. I don't have any ideas in my head about how things should be –– and this helps me be a more creative person."

Once she graduated from university, Erika expected that she'd finally have some free time. Of course, this meant she should purchase a sewing machine right away. Which she did. And then, she fashioned for herself an apron –– and the compliments started a-rollin' right on in. Since she'd always hoped to work for herself someday, Erika decided there was no time like the present. She started designing a whole slew of aprons –– and though her process is equal parts messy and organized, one step is always the same. Trying on each apron in the mirror before shippin' it out. show more

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