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Rolando Village, San Diego

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"I'm not restrained or limited in what I can or can't do because I don't know the rules."

Not all those who wander are lost, and though Allison spent her share of time dabbling in mediums, one thing was certain – she wanted to work for herself. Nay, she needed it. And after years of exploration, she finally fell into jewelry design and metalsmithing, well, fell for would be more accurate. She loves the seemingly endless possibilities, which force her to constantly learn and challenge herself. With the exception of a soldering class, Allison's self-taught, which means she can explore designs that conventional jewelers would never consider. Sometimes, this doesn't work so well, but usually she ends up with a piece of her signature jewelry—rustic and refined, with just a touch of sparkle. Looks like she's found right where she belongs. show more

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