Radka Design

Radka Design



Wire Crocheter


Dumbo, Brooklyn

about Radka Design

“I always liked to crochet, and one day I was curious to experiment with wire instead of yarn. Working with wire opens up a new world – a world where simple shapes can be manipulated into new more complex ones.”

When she's not procrastinating or people watching from her 7th floor studio, Radka is busy at work, crocheting wire into tiny, wearable adornments. Yes, crocheting. The idea behind her one-of-a-kind sculpted creations started out as a mere curiosity, with the crochet fanatic swapping yarn for wire and falling in love with the results. She even prefers the versatility of wire to yarn, shaping each piece into more complex creations by means of hammering, stretching and pulling. Her metal creations are three-dimensional pieces of art that promise not to weigh you down too much. show more