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Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

about Raife & Singer

“Every piece that I make is a piece that I would and do personally wear. A lot of my pieces are things that I want for myself that I’ve designed and created and then put in my collection.”

Annie’s that kind of maker who just happened to fall into an amazing craft. With a woodworker of a father and a textile maven of a mother, she’d always learned to make things instead of buy them. (Who is this Swiss Family Robinson of craftiness?) So when she wanted a bow tie, she stitched one up. And then she stitched 30. Then she figured she shouldn’t hoard them all for herself… and the rest is history. Her process is very driven by a personal sense of style, with skinny ties and bolos all making an appearance. In fact, these stylish neckpieces don’t just make an appearance, they sashay into the spotlight. show more

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