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North Andover, MA

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"Anytime I hear chainsaws in the neighborhood, indicating that a neighbor may be doing tree work, I find myself running down the street, ears perked, looking for the source of the noise. My favorite pieces come from these local trees."

Andy had never explored woodwork. Not until he read about a three-generations-deep family of woodworkers and saw the amazing things they were making. Then, like any normal human would do, he bought a lathe. Even though he was a law student at the time, once Andy started turning, he knew he'd never be able to be a full-time lawyer. He spent a few years honing his craft, working at a wood shop and meeting other like-minded crafters. And now, he turns bowls like it's no big deal, obsessively sanding until they're ridiculously smooth, and only require a little mineral oil and beeswax to finish. show more

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