Scarf Painter
Astoria, NY

"I believe I can help change the world from frantic buying and mass consumerism by producing something entirely unique that's worthy of an investment, and will be kept as a dear memory for a long time."

One morning, Anabela woke up and knew she had to find a way to combine fashion and art. She wasn't a newcomer on the design scene by any means (she'd trained in interior, graphic and web design, for starters), but this was a new adventure. And though she claims to still not know what she's doing until she gets to the end of a piece, her hand-dyed scarves––which are cut, sewn and fitted by hand, all before being hand-painted with the liveliest of designs––they tell a different story. She finds inspiration in blank canvases, simplicity and her superhero of a grandmother, Rannka.

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