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“Most book-style eReader and tablet cases utilize only the cover of a book, removing the pages and the binding completely. I keep the pages intact, cut a space out of the middle of the book for the device, glueing those pages together, adding fabric, elastic straps, a corner pull-tab, even a conversion strap to turn your case into a stand. You won’t find anything quite like it out there.”

If you’re the type of reader who is resistant to convert to those new-fangled e-readers everyone is into, take notice: Maha feels your pain. In fact, the only reason she had never accepted the shift is because she craved the weight and feel and comfort of a hardback book. When she heard about “this guy who had used a box cutter to open the middle of a book and stash a Kindle inside as a funny way to wrap a gift,” she couldn’t get the idea out of her head. It was the perfect way to combine both. After months of talking about the idea, ReAuthored became a reality when she left her job to pursue the new adventure. And in ways only old books can, the project has expanded her mind and her creative pursuits in ways she could’ve never seen before. Especially not with some plastic, modern piece of technology. show more

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