arc + timber

arc + timber



Makers with Re-Purpose


Nanjemoy, Maryland

about arc + timber

“We adore the materials that we work with—the knotty woods and the raw metals. We use minimal finishes, so that our pieces stay as close to nature as possible.“

This husband-wife duo began their craft innocently enough, building furniture out of repurposed items for their own home. But friends started imploring them to peddle their wares—and a hobby slowly crept into a full on “this-is-my-calling” profession. The hunt for materials forces them to see the world in a whole new light: some staircase balusters start to look a lot like table legs, weathered pantry doors are flipped into coffee table tops. For them it is all about honoring these repurposed treasures—but adding a unique touch in the design details: an off-centered support pipe or mismatched piece of wood to give their pieces an unmistakable character. show more