Reclaimed Redwood Studio

Redwood Carpenter
Rancho Cordova, CA

"All of my pieces are completely handmade with reclaimed redwood. Since redwood is an excellent choice of wood for exterior decks and fences, almost all of the pieces I create were at one time a fence or a deck."

Nick started helping his dad with construction projects at an early age, and he's grown to love the feeling of seeing something he made at the end of each day. Eventually, Nick started his own construction company, and after 10 years, he tired of seeing perfectly good wood get thrown into landfills at the end of every project. So he started reclaiming it––redwood, specifically. His favorite piles of the stuff are old, weathered and beat up, probably from an old deck or fence. And after lots and lots of sanding and finishing, Nick creates new beauties from that old forgotten wood.