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Reclamation Department



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Long Beach, CA

about Reclamation Department

"We are dedicated to bringing new life to old or discarded items."

Sisters Heather and Casey have always been close. So it seemed natural to them that, in addition to their self-described "strange sense of humor and general weirdness," they would also share a studio space. And this workshop is a happy space. Sure, they're making oodles of bicycle accessories from reclaimed materials, but they're also tossing corny jokes around, making jingles and singing to each other, in a manner not unlike little dwarves. The duo loves history; in fact, the sisters are made giddy by the arrival of a new WWI backpack – which they can't wait to turn into durable, utilitarian bike gear. They're creative. They're industrious. They're confident. "Give us an old bubble gum wrapper and a toilet paper tube, and we'll give you a beautiful gown," they assured us. And while we'll probably just stick to the vintage, military panniers and repurposed bags – we're still quite impressed. show more