Red Picket Fence

Industrial Light-smiths
Gresham, Oregon

"What most people see as a rotted-down old building, we see as a masterpiece of patinas only nature and time can paint. We're constantly inspired because we're surrounded by beautiful, weathered old family farms."

While renovating their admittedly "janky" home, Christy and Peter stumbled upon a penchant for building modern, rustic furnishings––which was pretty cool. Then they realized that other people liked that stuff too, which was even cooler. They strive to use the highest quality vintage and reclaimed materials in a stylish, modern way because, well, "there's nothing more beautiful than a bodacious patina." As a result, Peter's constantly stopping to pull half-rotted camp tables from the side of the road, but he also makes a mean brainstorming cocktail… so Christy doesn't mind all that much.

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