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Reveille Reveille

S.S. Skincarers
Santa Cruz, CA

“Being sailors at heart, we really wanted to have some of our own history reflected in our products. That is how we came to choose the name Reveille Reveille (pronounced Rev-UH-Lee Rev-UH-Lee) -- a wake up call we heard countless mornings on the ship.”

Aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz, Angel and Michael met while standing watch in Aft Steering. A bonding, and a few deployments later, they decided to start making bath and body products for themselves together as a way to save money and experiment with different uses for coconut oil. (It’s an ingredient neither of them can get enough of.) It was their friends and families that urged them to start selling their products since they had all fallen in love with the coconut oil and bath products beyond with shea butter, Himalayan salt, dead sea salt and cocoa butter and more. In other words, all the lovely natural things that do a body good. Now that they’re no longer living the Navy life, they’re building a life around their shared business--near the ocean, of course… in Santa Cruz.

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