Rigel Stuhmiller

Rigel Stuhmiller



Farm Artist


Berkeley, California

about Rigel Stuhmiller

“I don’t think I’ve drawn or printed every single variety that the family grows, but I’m getting there.”

It all started with a pair of Brussels sprouts. Rigel was working during the summer on Chino Farms, a small family-owned vegetable farm in San Diego where they grow incredibly gorgeous, inspirational (and delicious) produce. Rigel came across these two Brussels sprouts that were just the most perfect and wonderful pair she’d ever seen. “If Brussels sprouts ever had character, these had it,” Rigel recalls. So she did what any good farming artist would do: ate them. (Oh, and also made a block print carving to remember them by, of course.) The commemorative sprout print was a hit, so she kept ‘em comin’ with different varieties of produce, farm animals, etc. Reminds us of some quirky block print take on Old McDonald’s Farm.... show more