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“I’m pretty skilled when it comes to doing my hair, but I’ve never been able to do anything with a traditional head scarf. They’re impossible! So these styles are designed to be super easy to work with.”

There’s always a silver lining to be found and, for Tracey, it happened to be a pretty stylish one. After her mother lost her hair thanks to chemo and radiation while fighting brain cancer, she found it near impossible to find head covers that were both fashionable and affordable. Tracey went beyond what any creatively inspired daughter would do in her shoes: she created her own line of hair coverings. “I talked to so many women who struggled with their own hair hardships,” she explains, “anything from alopecia to just straight wild and unruly mains. They all need something that would look good and make life a little easier.” But what sets these gorgeous pieces apart is that they’re so dang gorgeous, we could have Pantene ad-worthy tresses… and we’d still covet them for our own heads. (A little insider info: “The Gail” was named after Tracey’s forever stylish mom, Gail Robin Van Voorhis. Talk about inspiring.) show more

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