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Roen Handmade

Cufflink Forgers
Decatur, GA

"We collect treasures from the earth for all of our fabrications, and channel the raw materials toward their final destiny. So we bend, twist, melt and torch copper and silver –– graced under pressure."

The cufflinks that Mike and Sarah create are oft described as "unique" and "unlike anything we've ever seen before." And those mysterious, anonymous commenters aren't the only fans –– far from it. Droves of people love the duo's wares. And with good reason. Sarah grew up surrounded by the stories and collections from her parent's travels, and this strong sense of adventure inspired her to pursue ways to help people express themselves. Preferably through the cufflinks that Mike transforms and forges in the couple's Decatur garage. The final pieces are elegant, yet inexact. Sturdy, yet artful.

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