Roxy's Tee Parlour

Roxy's Tee Parlour



Tee Trader


Brooklyn, New York

about Roxy's Tee Parlour

“I want people to connect themselves to what they're wearing, to dress to express. And wearing a tee from Roxy’s Tee Parlour exhibits your adventurous side, your pride to be in Brooklyn and the toughness it can take to live in these city streets!”

Four things we always wanted to see combined: vintage design, circus culture, Brooklyn life and tattoos. We just want to thank Ms. Roxanne Bohana for making that happen on a t-shirt for us. Inspired by the unique identity and history of her hometown—ahem, Brooklyn, ahem—she creates designs that will take you right to the kitschy, crazy, old-timey waterfront. Each design is an original, hand-drawn by Roxy herself then printed with a whole lot of Brooklyn love. Which can sometimes be mistaken for a “get out of the way” scowl. But it is really a sign of endearment, promise. show more